About Us

PT. Cita Pangan Nusantara Berkah

Was founded in 2019, we produce Food and Beverages. We’re committed to providing high quality products in  accordance with CPPOB at affordable prices.

We’re committed to providing the finest ingredients, operational knowledge, and uncompromised support to food service operations.

We always think creative and innovative for helping your business succeed.

Born of the desire for delicious yet healthy Food and Beverages madefrom organic ingredients, PT. Cita Pangan Nusantara Berkah harks back to traditional tastes & smells inspired by memories of traditional heritage jams & sauces cooked in kitchens filled with love.

PT.Cita Pangan Nusantara Berkah add to your memorable traditional experience, let us know if there is any support or services we can provide to maintain the integrity of your brand,support the health and safety of your brand “Clients for Life” is at the very heart of the PT.Cita Pangan Nusantara Berkah promise. Our success is the direct result of our faithfulness to our customers.

Partnership Opportunity


Cita Pangan Nusantara Berkah will help you take the first step in achieving your dreams. We have 4 principle for running business running Well


Successfully scaling a business is all about doing the fundamentals and having the stamina to see it through.


Become market leader And Changing environment


We want to bring you a different kind of extraordinary, the next big thing in the creative concept to set a new trend in Indonesia

Easy From then on

all you have to do is run and steer your business towards success.


Solution Partner and Partnership long term

Competitive Price

Best Quality

Good Delivery Supply

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